Nef-Ra is a 100% natural product with extraordinary efficiency. It is something new and unheard of, an investion truly worthy of the twenty-second century. The best proof of Nef-Ra’s efficiency in fighting various different health problems are the testimonies of our satisfied clients, who describe in their own words how Nef-Ra helped them. We receive such testimonies by phone, by e-mail, and during face-to-face conversations with clients visiting our retail stores. We assure you that people sharing information about the effects of Nef-Ra do not receive any kind of remuneration for doing so, they only want to express their gratitude to us and to Kazimierz Sobiech for their recovery and indicate the path to those suffering from similar diseases.

Our clients’ opinions and comments are also included according to their relevance in different subsections of the website dedicated to specific bodily systems. We guarantee that all cases of health recovery are documented with appropriate medical exams. We encourage everyone using Nef-Ra to undergo medical exams before and after the treatment. Our mission is to help as many people as possible regain their health.

My name is Henryk. Last year in August I was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine. The news was devastating. Around one and a half meters of my intestine was affected by polyps, which according to the doctors was incurable. I was told that there were two types of polyps, benign and potentially cancerous. Mine were of the second type. There are no coincidences in life, I met Kazimierz, the inventor of Nef-Ra – he recommended the herbal preparation that he had spent his whole life working on. Until then I did not believe in such medicaments, but I thought that if someone spent their entire life working on something, then it must be worth something. I tried Nef-Ra. I have been taking it for eight months now. I had a surgery scheduled, which I went to. I was cut from ribs to the very hips, but the doctors said that there was nothing to operate – the intestine that was covered in polyps before was completely healthy. I am immensely grateful to Kazimierz Sobiech for the years of his work and I encourage you – try Nef-Ra!

I had a tumor next to my liver, I suffered from acute pain under my armpits and in my groin that prevented me from normal functioning. I was very weak and I had bloody stool several times a week. Accidentally and probably at the last moment I found out about Nef-Ra, and already after two weeks of taking it I stopped having blood in my stool and the tumor began to shrink until after two months it disappeared almost completely. I stopped having pain in my entire body. I used to have an awful scar under my eye and it shrank by 80%. I feel like I am at least 10 years younger, I sleep less but I feel more rested. Before, I was released from the hospital because there was nothing they could do to help me, but Nef-Ra saved my life. Now I have met a girl and I am getting married, even though I was supposed to die. Thank you for Nef-Ra. Łukasz M. Chicago

I take Nef-Ra twice a day, in the morning and at night. Due to my work I had to give up the afternoon dose, which probably extended the time that it took to overcome my health problems, but I am still glad that I decided to undergo this treatment. These are the results that I would like to share with anyone who may be in a similar situation. After around 3 weeks of Nef-Ra treatment I got rid of my stomach issues. After 4 months I got rid of hemorrhoids. I was very pleased with the results of the treatment, but my cholesterol levels were still very high – above 300 mg/dl. Finally, after 8 months of treatment my cholesterol levels dropped and remained below 200 mg/dl, and my doctor says that my results are great. I am glad that I found Nef-Ra and I recommend it to anyone who has health problems. Staszek, Chicago, IL

Greetings to everyone interested in Nef-Ra. I live in Poland, in a small town called Zambrów. I am 50 years old. For many years I have been suffering from a number of health problems – rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid lumps and uterus myomas. My sister Kasia lives in Chicago where she found out about a wonderful herbal preparation called Nef-Ra. I tried many different treatments and medicines. My sister called me and told me that she was going to send me some herbal preparation that would surely help me. I must admit that I was very skeptical at first, but I was in so much pain that I did not care anymore what it was or what taste it would have, I only wanted for it to help. I am unable to tell now how much of this preparation I took, but I know one thing: my joints have improved a lot, I still work and I am constantly on the move, but the pain is a lot less severe that it used to be. Last week I went to the hospital, it was an emergency. I had a series of exams and it turned out that the lumps on my thyroid mostly disappeared, there is only one small lump left, and I do not have any uterus myomas anymore… I know that these are the miraculous results of Nef-Ra. I am very grateful to my sister and to Kazimierz, the inventor of Nef-Ra. Please believe me, it really works. Thank you. I know that I will continue taking Nef-Ra, because I want to be 100% healthy. I give my regards to everyone who believes in the power of Nef-Ra just like I do, and I wish you the same recovery as mine. Małgorzata; E-mail: mjanicka2@wp.pl

I would like to recommend to you Nef-Ra, a herbal preparation that helped be defeat diabetes. I had been suffering from diabetes for a long time, it was possible that I would need an insulin pump and, in addition, I also had high cholesterol levels. I was taking Nef-Ra for 8 months, thanks to which my glucose dropped and has maintained a constant level around 100-115mg/dl. I am not on any medication for diabetes and I also successfully gave up cholesterol-lowering drugs. Mieczysław, Chicago IL

I cannot recall for how long I did not go to a doctor, but when I finally went and did some tests I found out that my cholesterol levels were dramatically high: 750mg/dl. As this particular condition is not painful, I did not even know that I was practically on the brink of life and death. Obviously I started taking medication, and after I while I heard a radio ad for Nef-Fa and I started taking it together with my medication. It is incredible how much my results improved since I started using Nef-Ra: after three months my cholesterol level dropped to around 250, and after the next three months the doctor said that my results were exemplary. I persuaded my wife to start taking Nef-Ra too, as she had liver issues and had flatulence whenever she ate anything. And believe me, Nef-Ra helped her too. Now we both recommend this wonderful preparation to anyone who wants to be healthy and avoid taking medication for the rest of their lives. Walenty Z, Chicago,IL tel: 708/770-4472

I have been suffering from asthma for many years. I found of about Nef-Ra from a radio ad and I immediately decided to give it a shot. And it does, despite the fact that I have been smoking 15 cigarettes a day for twenty years. As long as I take Nef-Ra I feel fine, but when I stop breathing difficulties come back. I have been taking this preparation for two months now and I know that as soon as I manage to quit smoking my asthma issues will disappear thanks to Nef-Ra. Janina, Chicago,IL

I used to suffer from joint pain and rheumatism so severe that walking up the stairs or performing even the easiest tasks caused me great pain. After first days of using Nef-Ra the pain intensified, but after a while my condition greatly improved. The pain was gone, and until now I do not feel any pain whatsoever, even during changes of weather. Jadwiga Z. Schaumburg, IL

A few years back, based on some specific symptoms I was diagnosed with initial stages of multiple sclerosis. The disease is known to be incurable. I would often faint and my muscles started to weaken. After taking regularly Nef-Ra I could once again walk more and more and on longer distances. Today thanks to Nef-Ra I have gone back to my work and I managed to avoid the wheelchair. Zdzisław S, Chicago, IL

When I learned about Nef-Ra I had advanced periodontosis. My teeth were becoming more and more loose and my gums hurt. The dentist said that there was nothing to be done and that I was going to lose my teeth. I started taking Nef-Ra and I was also applying some additional amounts to my gums. I was so desperate that I pursued the treatment even though I did not see any results. I had to take as much as 17 bottles of Nef-Ra before I noticed a slight improvement. After 23 bottles my teeth finally stopped shaking. Pain and gum bleeding also disappeared. I continued taking Nef-Ra in order to make sure that the symptoms of periodontosis were not coming back. In total I took 30 bottles of Nef-Ra. Now six months have passed since I finished the treatment and my teeth are still fine, to my dentist’s surprise. Nef-Ra not only saved my teeth, but also made me feel better in general. I am happy that I did not give up the treatment in the initial stage when there were still no visible results. Zbyszek K. Palos Hills, IL

I drank Nef-Ra for 5 months as an addition to the conventional treatment. I had stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids and bloody stools, and I was constantly worried that I had cancer. I was particularly worried about the bleeding. I completed both the traditional treatment and Nef-Ra treatment 8 months ago, I felt better and both the bleeding and the hemorrhoid issues stopped. My doctor ordered me to do a colonoscopy “in order to see what was happening inside”. Two months ago I decided to do it. The results were good and now I feel calm knowing that I am completely healthy. Danuta Z. Dyer, IN

I have been suffering from hyperthyroidism for a long time. In my case the disease was very visible, I had the so-called goiter, that is swelling of the neck. I decided not to undergo a pharmacological treatment, because I found out about Nef-Ra from a TV ad and I decided to try it first. I have been taking Nef-Ra for six months now. The first three were not easy, excessive sweating was inconvenient and I did not see any results. But it was worth to survive this initial period. I have been systematically measuring my neck circumference and I was glad to find out that it has already dropped by 4 cm. Also, my neck is not as swollen as it used to be and I can finally wear blouses with low neckline – before Nef-Ra I used to wear turtlenecks and high collars in order to hide my illness. Along with my thyroid shrinking, I have noticed that I have more energy and a better mood. I am glad that I found out about Nef-Ra and I am grateful for my recovery. Now I recommend Nef-Ra to all of my friends. Grażyna M. Hamtramck, MI

I am very satisfied with Nef-Ra. I have been taking in for 5 months and I have to admit that Nef-Ra really pulled me through. Like in the saying “it never rains but in pours”, I had not one but several serious health problems. When I heard about Nef-Ra while driving to work I decided to give it a shot. I was probably the most skeptical person possible, but I also knew that if I tried everything available then eventually I would find a cure for my ailments. And I did! Thanks to Nef-Ra I was cured from heartburn and kidney and liver issues. I had excessive cholesterol levels and my sugar levels were barely within the norm. Now they are problems of the past. I stopped having chronic, dull muscle and bone pain, as well as numbness in hands and fingers that was endangering my work at a grocery store. There are no more sleepless nights due to pain, I can play with my grandson, lift him up, and obviously I still work. I had a medical exam recently and my results were so good that the nurse could not believe they were true. She asked me what brought on such an improvement in my health, and I admitted that it was taking Nef-Ra. My friends also noticed and have been asking me about it. I recommend Nef-Ra to everyone, it really pulled me through, and I wish the same to you. Halina B. Bloomingdale, IL

Three months ago my sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Symptoms include progressive paralysis of the arms and legs and progressive difficulty with speech. My sister is a young person. She had just given birth to a child and was devastated in the face of such a serious disease. As I live in Chicago and I have heard of Nef-Ra, I sent her 10 bottles and asked that she start using it according to guidelines after receiving it. My sister has been using Nef-Ra for 4 weeks and the results are amazing. Her arms are more agile and there has been a marked improvement in her speech. There has not yet been improvement in the legs, but the symptoms have not worsened, which means a lot. My sister is no longer devastated. She is hopeful for the future along with our entire family seeing such quick results. I am very thankful for Nef-Ra and will keep you updated on the progress of my sister’s treatment. Malgorzata from Chicago, IL

I work in healthcare and I make sure that my husband takes his tests every six months. He is a driver and in his profession a regular lifestyle and healthy eating is difficult. There was something wrong with his results every time – too much liver enzymes, elevated sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure...  A friend told me about how Nef-Ra helped her get back to health and urged me to try this product. My husband used Nef-Ra from January to June 2012. Afterwards he took his tests twice and the results were very good. My husband loves his job as a driver and won’t give up on it despite the toll it takes on his health. He has decided to take half a cap of Nef-Ra daily – the minimal dose to make sure that Nef-Ra stays in his body. Wieslawa B. from Chicago, IL

My nephew was 5 years old when he became ill in April 2012. It initially looked like a bad cold but his condition worsened and spent a month in the hospital. He was diagnosed with diabetes. I have often heard of Nef-Ra on the radio while driving to work. When I found out about my nephew’s diabetes, I sent the first batch of Nef-Ra to Poland. My sister was afraid of giving the substance to her son but, on the other hand, didn’t want to miss a chance to improve his health. His blood sugar reached 500 units. She gave him one drop three times a day – increasing the amount by one drop every other day – until he was taking five drops three times a day. These five drops taken three times a day have made him less sick. He is on the lowest dose of insulin. I have sent another batch of Nef-Ra to repeat the process after a two month break. The doctor is pleased with the effects, but doesn’t know about Nef-Ra... Malgorzata from Palos Hills, IL

My husband had high blood sugar and elevated liver enzymes. I had high cholesterol, but my biggest problem was frequent panic attacks. I was to take the antidepressant Paroxetine only when necessary, but I could not function without it increasingly often and had taken it daily for a long time. A friend recommended Nef-Ra, saying that it is a proven remedy, and had helped her get back to health. My husband and I started taking Nef-Ra around mid-August 2012. In a short time I was able to reduce and then stop taking the antidepressant. In December 2013 we took our medical tests. My cholesterol dropped from 238 units to 187 units. By the end of December, I no longer needed to take Ne-Ra. My husband’s blood sugar level is less than 100 units. Liver enzymes are admittedly still a bit high but the results are much better than six months ago. We will let you know the results of our next medical examination and in the meantime wish you good health with Nef-Ra. Iwona P. from Hinsdale, IL

In May 2012 I fell ill with jaundice and was hospitalized. In the hospital I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with metastases to the lungs, liver, and spleen. My doctor told my husband that I had three months left. I changed my doctor. I completely changed my eating habits as well. I prepare all of my meals myself. I don’t eat anything fried, sour, or any meat. I take vitamins and – as of eight months ago – Nef-Ra. In my case, surgery is not an option. I am still taking chemotherapy – it will now be my seventeenth time. I still have my own hair, though it is thinning slightly on the crown of my head. My last medical exam was on the 15th February 2013. My lungs, spleen, and liver are clean of cancer, and the tumor on the pancreas has decreased from 3.7 cm to 1.5 cm. I am in contact with the Nef-Ra shop and I promise I will inform you of the results of my next medical examination. Marta G. Mt. Prospect, IL



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