The role of the respiratory system consists in gas exchange, i.e. supplying the organism with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide. The respiratory system is divided into the upper and lower respiratory tracts. The upper part consists of nasal septum, pharynx, and larynx. The lower part extends from the trachea to the bronchial tubes, the right bronchial tube is shorter and wider in diameter that the left one. The bronchial tubes then branch off into the bronchioles, which terminate by the alveoli. The right lung and the left lung differ in volume: the right is larger and has three lobes, while the left is smaller due to its location next to the heart.


The respiratory system is „open” to the exterior and therefore vulnerable to any airborne pathogens and irritating agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollens, gases etc.). The most common respiratory diseases include: rhinitis, common cold, flu, sore throat, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy. Allergic diseases are also common, from allergic rhinitis to asthma. Many serious conditions are related to smoking tobacco, such as emphysema, oral cancer, bronchial cancer and lung cancer. An important group of diseases are pneumoconiosis conditions, that is occupational lung diseases due to inhalation of particles. The sinuses have a significant role in heating and adding moisture to the air that we inhale. They have a mucous membrane lining that is an extension of the nose cartilage. The sinuses protect the brain and eye sockets. Diseases of sinuses may often adopt a chronic and bothersome form. Attention! Even long-term sufferers of sinus problems can solve their problem within a few weeks.


Preventive measures aiming at avoiding respiratory diseases include avoiding the so-called passive smoking or staying in one room with cigarette smokers. There is no doubt that banning smoking from offices, restaurants and many other public spaces saved many lives. Thanks to proper nutrition, relaxation and rest, the organism will remain strong, healthy and resistant to diseases, including those that affect the respiratory system. Nef-Ra in an excellent weapon against respiratory problems. Nef-Ra is also recommended for external use (as nose spray), which increases its internal efficiency. If you use Nef-Ra without giving up smoking and other substances that poison your body, the recovery process will be considerably slower. Those suffering from asthma and allergies notice an improvement already after a few months of using Nef-Ra.



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