The motor system is responsible for maintaining upright posture and executing movements such as moving from one place to another or moving individual body parts. It is divided into skeletal system, tendons, and muscular system. Human skeleton can be divided into two parts. The first is the axial skeleton with cranium, vertebral column, ribs and sternum, and the second is appendicular skeleton with upper and lower extremities and their girdles. The skeleton constitutes a structure to which skeletal muscles are attached and offers protection to internal organs (lungs, heart, diaphragm etc.)

The skeletal system diseases often have chronic character.

Skeletal diseases include:
Rickets, bones and joint pain
Osteoporosis and osteomalacia
Albers-Schonberg disease
Paget’s disease
Ollier disease
Brittle bone disease
Bone necrosis
Rheumatism, arthritis

Different types of joint deformation and inflammation may be so severe that they make it impossible to move, walk up and down stairs or perform simple activities. These problems are most commonly caused by inflammation due to development of bacteria. Nef-Ra not only can dull the pain, as is the case of painkillers that also ruin the digestive system, but it can also remove the cause i.e. the above-mentioned inflammation. Using Nef-Ra is safe and efficient. Patients taking Nef-Ra for joint pain notice considerable improvement already after 5-6 months of use! (see video gallery). Let us take care of our bones by taking advantage of the sun, walks in the park and physical exercise.

Skeletal muscles are striated muscles. Their work consists in contracting and relaxing. The process of oxidation of energetic substances takes place in muscle cells in order to obtain energy required to perform this work. If the process takes place without sufficient amounts of oxygen, then lactic acid is produced in the muscles causing strong pain. Skeletal muscles compose the torso and allow to maintain upright body posture. Muscles terminate in tendons that attach them to the bones and joints. Excessive physical exertion often causes strained or even torn tendons, which may lead to some serious complications. Other problems that affect muscles include torn muscle, Achilles tendonitis, skin and muscle inflammation, muscle rheumatism, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With age the muscles lose their tone and vitality, which is caused by the loss of proteins which are an important building material.


Many of our clients confirm that using Nef-Ra boosts vital energy, even in elder people. Those that do sports regularly (boxers, wrestlers) notice a rapid increase in physical strength as a result of using Nef-Ra.


I used to suffer from joint pain and rheumatism so severe that walking up the stairs or performing even the easiest tasks caused me great pain. After first days of using Nef-Ra the pain intensified, but after a while my condition greatly improved. The pain was gone, and until now I do not feel any pain whatsoever, even during changes of weather.Jadwiga Z. Schaumburg, IL

When I learned about Nef-Ra I had advanced periodontosis. My teeth were becoming more and more loose and my gums hurt. The dentist said that there was nothing to be done and that I was going to lose my teeth. I started taking Nef-Ra and I was also applying some additional amounts to my gums. I was so desperate that I pursued the treatment even though I did not see any results. I had to take as much as 17 bottles of Nef-Ra before I noticed a slight improvement. After 23 bottles my teeth finally stopped shaking. Pain and gum bleeding also disappeared. I continued taking Nef-Ra in order to make sure that the symptoms of periodontosis were not coming back. In total I took 30 bottles of Nef-Ra. Now six months have passed since I finished the treatment and my teeth are still fine, to my dentist’s surprise. Nef-Ra not only saved my teeth, but also made me feel better in general. I am happy that I did not give up the treatment in the initial stage when there were still no visible results. Zbyszek K. Palos Hills, IL

I am very satisfied with Nef-Ra. I have been taking in for 5 months and I have to admit that Nef-Ra really pulled me through. Like in the saying “it never rains but in pours, I had not one but several serious health problems. When I heard about Nef-Ra while driving to work I decided to give it a shot. I was probably the most skeptical person possible, but I also knew that if I tried everything available then eventually I would find a cure for my ailments. And I did! Thanks to Nef-Ra I was cured from heartburn and kidney and liver issues. I had excessive cholesterol levels and my sugar levels were barely within the norm. Now they are problems of the past. I stopped having chronic, dull muscle and bone pain, as well as numbness in hands and fingers that was endangering my work at a grocery store. There are no more sleepless nights due to pain, I can play with my grandson, lift him up, and obviously I still work. I had a medical exam recently and my results were so good that the nurse could not believe they were true. She asked me what brought on such an improvement in my health, and I admitted that it was taking Nef-Ra. My friends also noticed and have been asking me about it. I recommend Nef-Ra to everyone, it really pulled me through, and I wish the same to you. Halina B. Bloomingdale, IL