Migraine is such a serious and frequent condition that it requires some more attention. Chronic headaches and fatigue are often caused by overworking, unhealthy lifestyle and not drinking enough water. Moreover, it is known that migraines are caused by blood flow issues in the brain as well as genetic factors. Other factors that may also contribute to migraines include hormonal changes, unexpected life events, anger, sitting for long periods, eating certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, milk, peanuts, bananas, white wine, alcohol, and Chinese cuisine, or suddenly reducing the amount of coffee that one drinks. Excessive noise and air pollution etc. also contribute to migraines.

Nef-Ra improves blood circulation in the brain and enhances connections between the nerves, hence improving the transmission of impulses between nerve cells. Nef-Ra also removes lead accumulated in the cells and significantly improves oxygen flow to the brain.

Many of our clients managed to get rid of migraines thanks to Nef-Ra.