The genitourinary system consists of the kidney, which is a double organ responsible for producing urine, and the urinary tract: renal pelvises, ureters, bladder and urethra. The role of the urinary system is to expel redundant and harmful metabolic products and regulate the amount of water in the body. The urinary bladder collects the entire excess of water along with toxins that should be eliminated from the organism. After four months of using Nef-Ra some people’s urine changes color to brown or dark brown. This demonstrates that there high levels of toxins in the body. More and more people also experience problems such as bloody urine, gallstones, renal colic, urine tract infections, and pain while urinating.

Nef-Ra gradually eliminates all bacteria responsible for inflammations and stimulates our body to act (removing unnecessary sand, stones and residue in kidney).

The urinary system in women and men is connected with the genital system. The genital system is exposed to many risks, especially due to the contact with urine and external environment. Many diseases such as genital infections, myomas, cysts, and even uterus cancer or prostate cancer in men, attack people regardless of their age. In these cases we recommend using Nef-Ra in higher doses and with more frequency. The regular use of Nef-Ra restores the genital system to its state from before the disease. In the course of the treatment we observe an increased secretion of mucus, gradual cleansing and disappearance of myomas, cysts, impurities and infections. In the case of prostate cancer, the process of going back to the state from before the disease may take from a few to a dozen or so months (depending on the stage on the disease).

Many of our clients taking Nef-Ra also notice an increase in vital energy and sexual desire.