Human hormones are released directly to the bloodstream and the blood distributes them through the body. Internal organs that specialize in internal secretion are called endocrine gland. The human endocrine system consists of: pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid glands, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, ovaries and testicles. The hormones regulate the intensity and direction of bodily processes, modify the activity of enzymes and coordinate the functioning of different organs. The role of all endocrine glands is to produce hormones, which are released to the bloodstream and therefore stimulate the proper functioning of the entire body, i.e. functioning of internal organs, body growth, sleep, oxygen use, metabolism, excitation, sexual drive, pregnancy development and menstrual cycle in women, and many more.

The most common endocrine glands related problem is hyperthyroidism (i.e. overactive thyroid) or hypothyroidism (i.e. underactive thyroid), which are three times more frequent in women that in men. The symptoms of hypothyroidism often include feeling cold, fatigue, slower mental functioning, slow speech, constipation. The person suffering from hypothyroidism is apathetic and may feel depressed, increased cholesterol levels in blood may also appear. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism include feeling hot, sweating, increased heart rate, tremor in fingers, hands and tongue, bulging eyes – the so-called Graves’ disease. The disease is usually accompanied by weight loss and muscle weakness, despite increased appetite that also appears. Other disorders that need mentioning are hyperactivity or hypoactivity of the pituitary gland, thyroid lumps, ovarian myomas, hormonal imbalance, and many other health problems.


Nef-Ra has proven extremely effective in the cases of hyperactive or hypoactive glands, as well as in different kinds of lumps, cysts and myomas. People suffering from thyroid-related problems are often forced to take medicines for the rest of their lives. Would it not be better to use Nef-Ra instead? Obviously, we do not encourage you to give up your medicines – however, we believe that after a while they will simply become redundant, as your body thanks to Nef-Ra will regain its health from before the illness.


Greetings to everyone interested in Nef-Ra. I live in Poland, in a small town called Zambrów. I am 50 years old. For many years I have been suffering from a number of health problems – rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid lumps and uterus myomas. My sister Kasia lives in Chicago where she found out about a wonderful herbal preparation called Nef-Ra. I tried many different treatments and medicines. My sister called me and told me that she was going to send me some herbal preparation that would surely help me. I must admit that I was very skeptical at first, but I was in so much pain that I did not care anymore what it was or what taste it would have, I only wanted for it to help. I am unable to tell now how much of this preparation I took, but I know one thing: my joints have improved a lot, I still work and I am constantly on the move, but the pain is a lot less severe that it used to be. Last week I went to the hospital, it was an emergency. I had a series of exams and it turned out that the lumps on my thyroid mostly disappeared, there is only one small lump left, and I do not have any uterus myomas anymore… I know that these are the miraculous results of Nef-Ra. I am very grateful to my sister and to Kazimierz, the inventor of Nef-Ra. Please believe me, it really works. Thank you. I know that I will continue taking Nef-Ra, because I want to be 100% healthy. I give my regards to everyone who believes in the power of Nef-Ra just like I do, and I wish you the same recovery as mine. Małgorzata; e-mail: mjanicka2@wp.pl

I have been suffering from hyperthyroidism for a long time. In my case the disease was very visible, I had the so-called goiter, that is swelling of the neck. I decided not to undergo a pharmacological treatment, because I found out about Nef-Ra from a TV ad and I decided to try it first. I have been taking Nef-Ra for six months now. The first three were not easy, excessive sweating was inconvenient and I did not see any results. But it was worth to survive this initial period. I have been systematically measuring my neck circumference and I was glad to find out that it has already dropped by 4 cm. Also, my neck is not as swollen as it used to be and I can finally wear blouses with low neckline – before Nef-Ra I used to wear turtlenecks and high collars in order to hide my illness. Along with my thyroid shrinking, I have noticed that I have more energy and a better mood. I am glad that I found out about Nef-Ra and I am grateful for my recovery. Now I recommend Nef-Ra to all of my friends. Grażyna M. Hamtramck, MI