I do not believe in reincarnation – Jose Silva used to say – I did not believe in it in my previous life either.

Owners and employees of Nef-Ra retail stores say that even if reincarnation does exist, let your next incarnation worry about that. In the meantime, let us treat this life as the only one that we have, here and now, and let us take care of its quality and of our health.

We favor healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, and we encourage anyone visiting this website to follow our steps. Find time for relaxation and rest, and get enough sleep, because your body is no perpetual motion machine. Remember what Jan Kochanowski wrote: Oh health, my grand! No one will find how much you cost, until you’re lost!… Take preventive measures to avoid diseases. Nef-Ra used as a preventive measure is the best way to live a long and healthy life.

We have among us members of the national sports team as well as representatives of health services. We had an opportunity to experience firsthand the efficiency of Nef-Ra in fighting health problems of our closest friends and family members. The reason behind establishing a network of Nef-Ra retail stores was to help people, offer them an opportunity to buy Nef-Ra and answer all their questions regarding its use. On our website we will publish testimonies of people who call and write us about how Nef-Ra helped them regain their health. Moreover, we take an active part in charity campaigns and we sponsor individuals who found themselves in particularly difficult circumstances.