Herbal medicine, known to men since the beginning of times, in the recent years has been regaining its worldwide position after a short period in the twentieth century when it lost some of its popularity in favor of traditional medicine. Probably everyone is well aware of the beneficial effect of herbs and herbal supplements. American naturopathic doctor Michael T. Murray, a worldwide authority in herbal medicine and author of 23 books and medical consultant, is only one of many promoters of going beyond the established paradigm of conventional medicine. Our compatriots, father Klimuszko and father Szeliga, also were well-known herbalists. Nowadays many doctors combine traditional treatment methods with alternative medicine, which is no longer (or at least should not be) perceived as a sign of ignorance and superstition proper of backward provincials.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of the extraordinary herbal preparation called Nef-Ra. It does not contain preservatives, alcohol, artificial aromas, color additives or chemical additives. Nef-Ra is elaborated based on eleven carefully selected plants which together create a unique synergy. However, it is important to understand that this is not just a herbal tea brewed from these plants. In fact, Nef-Ra is obtained through a series of complicated and costly laboratory processes with the use of modern technologies. It is a product of thirty years of studies on plants conducted by Polish traveler and researcher Kazimierz Sobiech. There is no doubt that Nef-Ra is a product worthy of the twenty-first century.



In order to answer the question “How does Nef-Ra work?” first of all we need to understand where all the diseases come from. According to Dr Bruce Lipton (Stanford University Medical School research published in 1998), 95% of health problems is caused by one factor – stress. This is confirmed by the studies of scientists from Harvard, Yale and other renowned clinics. An article of Harvard Medical School titled “Stress Management: Approaches for Preventing and Reducing Stress” claims, among other things, that “excessive amounts of prolonged stress lead to a state of chronic stress”. Stress is the immediate reaction of human body to danger. The reaction consists in treating all processes that occur in the body (generating cells, fighting viruses, digestion etc.) as unimportant and directing the entire vital energy towards life-saving. When the organism is under stress, there is an immediate increase in adrenaline levels which leads to accelerated breathing, dilated pupils and increase of heart rate. The heart pumps more oxygen to the muscles in order to prepare our body to fight or flight. In fact, short-term stress is a positive and potentially life-saving phenomenon. However, if it is prolonged over a long period of time it may become deadly. This is because the body accumulates energy for fighting against a potential source of danger at the expense of all the remaining bodily processes that are considered less important. As a result, the “weakest link” breaks and health problems appear – in some people it will be renal failure, in other skin problems etc.

Nef-Ra does not focus on fighting or alleviating the effects of individual diseases, but it has an effect upon the entire body at one time. It is a herbal preparation that strengthens the immune system (the body’s defenses), stimulates the proper functioning of all the organs and cells, purifies the entire body and returns it to a state of homeostasis. Thanks to the effects of Nef-Ra the body can overcome any problems, and it only depends on the type of disease and its degree of progression how much time it will need to fully recover. Taking Nef-Ra as a preventive measure makes your body strong and healthy and resistant to any disease. Nef-Ra sends an impulse to cells nucleus stimulating it to produce more ribonucleic acid (RNA), which carries encoded information regarding the synthesis of proteins. These proteins are in turn responsible for the construction and regeneration of the body.



Nef-Ra supports the immune system, cleanses and regenerate all the cells composing tissues, muscles and organs, which as a result contributes to stopping and even reversing the aging process.

Nef-Ra returns your body to a state of homeostasis and internal harmony, a state from before the disease. It also improves intercellular communication by stimulating the activity of nerve cells.

Nef-Ra brings balance to the functioning of all endocrine glands and internal organs, thus enhancing the work of the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic and nervous system. On the outside, using Nef-Ra prevents skin problems and soothes skin irritations.